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Covid has altered everyday life and it has also changed how people celebrate big life events, like weddings, graduations, baby showers and birthdays. If you or a family member had been looking forward to throwing birthday bash this year, social distancing protocols that are in place have thrown a wrench in those big plans. Thankfully, we’ve got some quarantine birthday party ideas to help make the special people in your life feel loved this year, even if it is from six feet away.

One upside of a virtual celebration worth noting is that distant family and friends who not otherwise attend an in-person event, can now join in a birthday video chat or other virtual hangout. Many of these quarantine birthday ideas can be customized to your guest of honor and what they are interested in or comfortable doing, and even the most technologically averse family member can attend after a quick trial run (or two!). Whether you are planning a party for yourself or trying to organize a birthday surprise for a loved one, you can still find a way to make the day truly special. Here are several ideas to guarantee a fun birthday party for all involved, even during quarantine.

Set a theme for the party

Many of us have been sitting around in sweatpants for a few months and are likely being taunted by the fancier clothes and shoes just hanging in the closet. Give your guests the opportunity to get dressed up with a theme party. You could have everyone find their old neon spandex for an ’80s throwback, get glammed up, or don old Halloween costumes — the options are pretty endless, and your guests are sure to love the chance to switch up their wardrobe!

Send out fun invites

Yes, you could just text all your friends a Zoom link, but it’s way mores special to send a customized party invitation. Etsy has a number of digital birthday party invitations for kids and adults alike, or you use snail mail and send a paper invitation. Either way, an invite is a great memento for what is sure to be a unique birthday during an incomparable moment in history.


Even if you are just celebrating with your immediate family at home, nothing says party time like streamers, balloons, and banners. You can find supplies on Amazon, Etsy or Party City and they even have quarantine-specific party decorations available.

Get friends and family together for a video chat.

It’s not the same as an in-person birthday celebration, providing long-distance family and friends the chance to attend the party is a wonderful alternative. You can set up a video chat over Zoom, Skype, Facebook Messenger or whichever video platform you prefer. Be sure everyone knows how to connect and use it — some of your guests may need a before-party practice run.

Hire a Caricature Artist 

You can surprise all your guests with a virtual caricature. Hire a caricature artist online and they can draw each of your guests virtually over your video chat and send over the final image digitally. For an extra special touch you can even print and send each guest their caricature as a party favor to remember this once in a lifetime celebration. 

Plan a drive-by celebration.

If you are planning a special birthday party for someone else, you can recruit local friends and family to participate in a drive-by celebration. Have everyone do something decorative — like big “Happy Birthday” signs, painting a birthday message on the car’s windows, or stringing balloons from the tailgate— and drive by the guest of honor’s house at a specified time.

Learn to make something together.

Have you always wanted to learn how to make the perfect cupcakes, or maybe you have been wanting to break out the oil paints? Maybe those baking tutorials are calling your name, or you have finally caved after reading so much about sourdough bread. Whatever your hobbies, there is probably some online videos you and your party guests can follow along with. Or you could create a more tailored experience and research chefs, bakers, musicians, artists, winemakers and others offering online tutorials through Etsy or Airbnb Experiences.

Play a game

Keeping a safe distance from friends and family does not mean you can’t enjoy a friendly or competitive game night. There are a lot of online or app-based versions of games, like Mario Kart and Yahtzee, or you can try your hand at multiplayer online games that are meant to be played with friends.

Attend a livestream concert or show

Getting front-row seats to see your favorite band this year is not happening. But there are a lot of livestream events that you can join for your quarantine birthday party. Artists and venues have been offering livestream events for the public to tune into during quarantine — there’s sure to be something you and your guests can tune in to and enjoy. 

Give the gift of self-care

Of course, a celebratory birthday does not have to mean a big bash or huge virtual party. If you want to remain low-key try preparing a hot bath, pour a cocktail or glass of wine and listen to your favorite music. Or do some mediating or journaling to contemplate the past year and set expectations for the year to come. Self-care activities can be a calm way to celebrate.

If the friend or family member in your life isn’t looking to celebrate their birthday with a big virtual party or a drive-by celebration, you can help them have their own self-care birthday party by sending them their spa favorites like face masks, scrubs and candles.

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